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Welcome to Armstrong Powerhouse, where we strive for quality in all our products whilst retaining fair prices.
Our primary focus is on sounds and scenarios for Train Simulator 2014, but we are also branching out into supplying ground-breaking quality rolling stock packs. We hope to expand upon this in the future.
Furthermore, if you are a budding rolling stock developer and is interested in having your work published by us, we would be very interested in hearing from you. Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

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28th June 2014

AP40 Product Cover

AP40: GEML Scenario Pack (Passenger 1998-2004) Released!

In support of our recently released Mk2F DBSO Coach Pack and updated Class 86/87 Sound Pack (Pro), we are pleased to announce the release of the AP40: GEML Scenario Pack (Passenger 1998-2004) which makes good use of both of those packs.

Based in the post privatisation era between 1998 & 2004, these six scenarios will give you a good flavour of this era where the old (InterCity/Network SouthEast) made way for the more colourful (Anglia/First Great Eastern).

As well as the scenarios, high definition reskins of the class 86 in Anglia and InterCity Swallow livery are included with many specifically numbered examples and their associated nameplates to immerse you even further. To find out more, please click here.


27th June 2014

APMK2FDBSO Product Cover

Mk2F DBSO Coach Pack Released!

We are very pleased to announce the release of a much requested piece of rolling stock, the Mk2F DBSO. Seen on the Great Eastern Main Line between the late 1980s and 2006, this is a vital piece of stock for any scenario based in this period. With high definition textures and three liveries to boot, this is a great little expansion to our Mk2E Coach PackTo find out more, please click here.

Please note that this pack requires our Mk2E Coach Pack to function. If you purchased the Mk2E Coach Pack pre-November 2012 from either Digital Traction or Steam, this is not compatible and you will need to re-purchase from us if you wish to use the Mk2F DBSO Coach Pack.


26th June 2014

APC86-87SPP Product Cover

Class 86/87 Sound Pack Updated!

As a thanks to you, our loyal customers, we are pleased to announce that a free update has been released for the Class 86/87 Sound Pack to bring it up to 'Pro' standard. Please see below for the major changes:

 Reworked external blower sounds and brand new cab specific blower sounds
 Brand new two-tone horns for both the class 86 & 87 with cab specific versions
 Improved 'run' sounds in line with recent releases
 Volume levels adjusted to more realistic levels
To obtain this update if you are an existing customer, simply re-download the pack from your 'Downloads' area. Please note that the download will still be listed as the original non-Pro version but don't worry, you will still receive the latest 'Pro' version when re-downloading.


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